What Is Mobility & What Does It Have To Do With CrossFit?




What is Mobility and what does it have to do with Crossfit?

As if performing a mini-WOD to warm up wasn’t enough you want me to do what with that lacrosse ball/bumpy foam roller/barbell/giant rubber band?!  I came to do Crossfit, not torture myself! OUCH! Some might say Crossfit is its own form of torture, but that’s for another blog. I am talking about the sweet, sweet torture of breaking up the fascia surrounding our muscles and lubricating our joints with synovial fluid before we tackle the day’s workout. Mobility exercises help us move our limbs through their full range of motion, eliminating restrictions and improving our ability to attain optimal positioning during movements. Increased mobility means greater ability to achieve proper form in the set-up and to sustain better form during a movement which, we know, translates into greater power output and more productive WODs. Below are some FAQs I know you are all dying to know the answers to: Continued…