The perfect candidate

The Perfect candidate for our Wellness program is a beginner, anyone interested in burning calories and building strength without the use of complex barbell movements, and anyone looking to learn the basics of fitness training without getting into higher level gymnastics, powerlifting, or competition level training. The purpose of this class is to burn as many calories and build as much strength in a short period of time. The focus on developing higher level movement patterns is saved for our Fitness and Performance programs. Our Wellness program is for anyone and everyone interested in improving their overall health and fitness.

This program includes:

  • Bodyweight movements
  • Cardiovascular training equipment
  • Rowing, Bike erg, Ski erg, fan bike,
  • Low to mid-range running
  • 5-10 minutes of skill work in each class.
  • 20-40 minutes of mid to high intensity training.
  • We don’t exclude barbell movements but they are very limited in this program.
  • Light to medium weight kettlebell movements
  • Plyometrics
  • Dumbbells

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