Kelsey Briner

Level 2 CrossFit trainer, CF Gymnastics Coach, CF Master's Coach

Kelsey Briner

Level 2 CrossFit trainer, CF Gymnastics Coach, CF Master's Coach


Athletic and education background

Primarily gymnastics, high school soccer, track and field

BS in Human Performance from UNO


CrossFit Level 1
CrossFit Level 2
CrossFit Masters
CrossFit Gymnastics certified
USAG safety certified
USAG Fundamental Gymnastics certified

How I discovered coaching

I have always had an inclination to help others do things that they cannot. I have always enjoyed taking something that others see as complex and breaking it down into smaller, simple steps. Having these natural “teacher” characteristics combined with my love for athletics, health & wellness has had me coaching some type of sport for half of my life.

What I love about coaching

There’s so many rewarding aspects to what we do here at CCC. If I had to pick only one it would be the relationships and friendships you make along the way. There’s so many different types of people who crossfit now. All come in from different walks of life and with different goals. There’s something magical? (that words dumb)  about people coming together to suffer all for the sake for betterment. There’s a certain trust and relationship that forms much faster in the walls of a crossfit Gym than it does anywhere else. I can’t help but think it’s all because of this common theme of working hard for self betterment amongst all the different people that come in. 

Personal likes and hobbies outside the gym

If I’m not inside the gym I’m usually working as an Art Consultant for an amazing local artists, Becky Fos. Outside of working I’m usually being forced to help Lyle with his latest project, spending too much money at lululemon, or out and about enjoying our amazing city!

Something I'm not good at

CrossFit related? I’m pretty terrible on the Assault Bike
In regular life, folding clothes has always been a major downfall of mine. I may be the worst speller of all time and I’m also pretty terrible with grammar (this was all edited not by me;)).


After I competed at Regionals as an individual in 2014, one of my best friends, and coach at the time, DeAnn Lemus, organizes a surprise “junk food party”. Leading up to the competition my diet was pretty dialed in, so the junk food theme was perfect! So many CCC members and friends came to the gym on a week night with some of the best food and desserts I have ever had. I’m still so touched that so many people took time to come celebrate with me!

Hidden Talents/Little Known Facts

I’m a total New Orleans nerd. I love love love learning about the history of our city and experiencing everything it has to offer. I’m also not above any “punny” joke