Haley Penn

Level 1 CrossFit Trainer

Haley Penn

Level 1 CrossFit Trainer


Haley Penn

Athletic Background

I’ve played almost every sport imaginable, but in high school I was on the volleyball and tennis team


CrossFit Level 1

How I discovered coaching

I discovered coaching shortly after I joined CrossFit. I was extremely inspired by my first coaches and wanted to pass on the positivity I experienced on to the community.

What I love about coaching

I love helping people. I love the moments when people are victorious. I live for the moments when a person finally nails a movement they’ve been working on or when someone hits their goal weight. It’s honestly the greatest thing to witness. My “why” for coaching will always be to help the members exceed their own expectations.

Personal likes and hobbies outside the gym

I enjoy spending lots of time with my family. My husband races motocross so I spend lots of time at the dirt bike track with him.

Something I'm not good at



Favorite gym memories would have to be my firsts! The first time I actually did a clean correctly, my first double under, my first toes to bar, and my first handstand all hold special places in my heart!

Hidden Talents/Little Known Facts

Little known fact…hmmm…I was terrified the first time I walked in to a CrossFit gym! I thought I was going to look ridiculous and almost didn’t follow through, but I’m so glad I did!