Meet Alan.

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Ninja skills.

Ninja skills.

Meet Alan. The first time I met Alan, he tried – and successfully completed – a 30″ box jump as we were setting up equipment. Like it was nothing. <Side note: I JUST jumped on that 30″ box for the first time…like, yesterday…Some of us are just more athletically gifted and coordinated than others! 🙂 Sigh.>
Always smiling, Alan is a Physical Therapy Tech at ISR (physical home of CrossFit Elmwood). Alan started CrossFit in November when CFE opened and hasn’t looked back since! When he’s not working, he enjoys playing music and basketball. Welcome, Alan – we’re happy to have you!

Favorite thing about the gym?
Having the coaches there to motivate you and make sure you’re doing everything correctly. Also I really love the rowing machines!
Favorite lift or movement?
So far – Turkish Get-ups!

Least favorite WOD so far?
Nothing yet – I LIKE ALL OF THEM! (Author’s note: I didn’t think anyone could really like “Kelly”!)
Biggest change you’ve seen so far since you started CrossFit?
Biggest change I’ve seen so far is my strength. Though it hasn’t shown in how much weight I can lift, I already feel healthier and fitter than I was a month ago.
Next goal you hope to conquer?
Once I’ve done all the moves at least a few times my next goal would be doing the workouts more to RX. 
How would you describe CrossFit to someone who’s never tried it before?
To my friends and family – CrossFit is intense but very FUN.