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Hey, thanks for checking out my fitness blog! You can check out my profile in our "Meet the Team" section of this website. This page will be a reference for people looking to begin a journey towards fitness. I hope to help individuals by giving them easy, step by step processes for achieving their goals. Without further ado, scroll down to read more...


DAY 7 OF THE MAXIMUM MACHO MUSCLE UP MANUAL Today we’re taking it back to the basics.  Today I threw my nephews in the air like a billion times… I drank from a garden hose and got soaked by slippery little hooligans trying to give me wet hugs. We played in the water, raced aroun
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DAY 6 OF THE MAXIMUM MACHO MUSCLE UP MANUAL Today we’re drilling the Muscle up progression in reverse. “Just do it”- Nike (and Shia Labeouf) Sometimes when I’ve spent too much time thinking on a particular challenge, I get this feeling of being frozen. I visualize myself mid-stride bu
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Day 5 Maximum Macho Muscle-up Manual More pulling and pushing today! I am a recovering control freak. I was hell-bent on a path of destruction fueled by good intentions. I wanted to handle everything myself. I was overextended and sloppy. The control freak ultimately fails at everythi
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Day 4 of the MAXIMUM MACHO MUSCLE UP MANUAL!!!! Today we’re working on core strength and stability. This will play a vital role in your ability to hold a strong position throughout your gymnastics movements. I read this message every morning. I think its perfect for anyone who owns hi
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Day 3 of the MAXIMUM MACHO MUSCLE UP MANUAL!!!! Today we’re working on transitions for the Muscle up. This will help us to build muscle memory and gain some strength in the process.  There have been days in business where I kick back at my desk with a cold beer and reminisce on a succ
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DAY 2 of the MAXIMUM MACHO MUSCLE UP MANUAL!!!! Today we’re working to strengthen our pulling/pushing muscles. The battle to regain health as an overweight person is a subject that really hits home for me. If there were one thing I could share today, that would help someone along his
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Welcome to the MAXIMUM MACHO MUSCLE-UP MANUAL. The feed will be spitting out WOD BOMBS 2x per week that are specifically programmed to help you get your first..or 5th Muscle-UP.   Here’s the thing… I truly believe that if you are capable of doing a strict pull-up with no problem, you
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  The Maximum Macho Muscle-up Manual is a 2x per week training and skill-work program that’s engineered specifically to help you get your butt over those rings! Follow my blog to get the program automatically sent to your email every Monday and Wednesday. MONEY BACK GUARANT
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