Improve Your Pre WOD Focus


Improve Your Pre WOD Focus



“The workout is about to start, and you’re looking all around. You check out what everyone else is doing, you look at the clock, the coach, you look down, then up, and your eyes are all over the place. Do you think this affects your thoughts and your ability to focus? I sure do. The more objects and people you bring into your vision, the more likely you’ll become distracted from your plan and goals.

This matters the most, when you’re really trying to compete your best. Check out the best athletes in the world, and look at where their eyes are focused right before a WOD starts.


After you get situated, and it’s almost go-time, then try one of these strategies

  • Stare straight ahead, directly in front of you. Find a focal point that’s eye level and let everything else fade away.
  • Stare straight down, looking only at your equipment or your shoes to limit any distraction.
  • Stare straight at the clock, and only there. The only thing you need to know is when the WOD is going to start (especially if you’re environment is loud and you can’t hear a countdown).
  • Stare straight up, only looking at the sky or focusing on something on the ceiling, this will also limit any peripheral distractions.
  • Close your eyes.

All of these strategies are better than letting your eyes wander all around before a WOD. Pair one of these strategies with a positive mantra and you’ll really set yourself up to crush the workout.

Comment below with what you’re going to try this week” Continued…

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