How To Set B.A.D.A.S.S. Goals


How To Set B.A.D.A.S.S. Goals



“Most people who are involved with sports or training in general have specific goals that they want to hit. It never seems to be a problem deciding on what the goal is, but rather, the problem is in the actual reaching of the goal. I believe people don’t always reach their goals because they simply fail to lay out an actual plan for getting there. The old adage of those who fail to plan, plan to fail is very true. I believe there are 6 steps that can help you reach any goal you have. I call it the B.A.D A.S.S Method.

BELIEVE– that you can reach whatever goal you set for yourself. If you are going to achieve any goal be it a new deadlift max, winning a competition, gaining or losing weight, you must believe that you can. There is no other option. If you fail at this step there is no step 2. Believing in yourself is what will lead to the next two steps.

ACTIONS– Take the necessary actions to reach that goal. It’s not enough to say this is my goal, you must next get to work on the very steps that will lead to it. If I wanted to walk from Texas to New York I would have to actually take a first step. The first actions should be writing down your goal. Then break down that big goal into smaller goals, and then make a plan necessary to reach each small goal. Studies show that you are significantly more likely to reach a goal by writing it down. Once you have your goals and plan written down its time to start implementing the plan and take action.

DISCIPLINE– It’s not enough to write down a goal and do the actions once or twice, you must have self discipline to continue those actions over and over again until the goal is reached. Self discipline has been described as the ability to force ones self to do something even when you don’t want to. That means preparing that food, not missing your training, doing your stretching and myofascial release even when you don’t want to. No one has ever reached any great goal without self discipline. It is perhaps the single most common attribute of successful people. ” Continued…

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