GMSP Cycle 1 Day 9


GMSP Cycle 1 Day 9

I hope all are well recovered this week. What to some of us do to express our fitness. I don’t mean go running out by the levee or down St. Charles avenue. I mean going out and using it. (I for one would like to go surfing someday). For example, I LOVE playing soccer. Usually when I am not working out or on my rest days I go out and play soccer. It’s a way for me to stretch out my legs and do something other than a squat. breath heavy instead of doing a metcon. I usually feel more balanced now when I play. My feet are a little rusty but I haven’t played as competitively as I’ve had to in years. But that’s just my get away sport. Some like to go hiking, or bike riding through the woods. Others could be as simple as going fishing. But lets say we don’t really have anything outside of the gym. Well I say to you……got out and try something. We have been training you to be fit people. explore the world and experience life and its leisure. If you can go hunt, go hunting. If you can shoot paint ball, go shoot paint ball. If you can’t Ice skate, go learn. Try anything and everything. Enjoy live. Take up new hobbies. That is the true reward. In the end you’ll know that everything up to that point was worth it.

7 reps w/barbell
7 reps w/ 35%
5 reps w/ 50%
3 reps w/ 50%
3 reps w/ 65%
3 reps w/ 75%
2 reps w/ 85%
2 reps w/ 85%
Back Squat
7×1 @90-95%
(go heavy ladies and gents)
try your best to stay in your percentages..if you feel good, GO FOR IT!

Happy Squatting 🙂

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