GMSP Cycle 1 Day 8

NOTE: If you are going to Friday Night Lights, Log This day as day 8. Do Not try to do both Squats.

Making time for workout can be as easy as you want it to be. We always want to know what you are doing in and out of the gym to stay fit. Remember guys you don’t always need a barbell to get a great workout. Heck, it doesn’t always have to be a full hour class. For example: 10min of burpees can get the job done. Too intense? How about 5min of max air squats. Still feeling that last workout? Maybe some tabata push ups or sit ups. It doesn’t matter what it is, use your surroundings. Are there any ledges? If so, I now have a spot to do pull ups. As most of you already know, me and coach David run CoR. A free fitness session that we offer the community every Thursday. One of the reasons why I like coaching CoR is that very same reason I stated before. Using our surroundings to get a great workout. Some workouts last 20min, some last only 10. Its all the same thing…Short on time, hit the air squats for 5min. See if you can get 200. Whatever the task is or whatever it is that you end up doing, Hit it hard 100% and it would be like you never missed a day!

3 Front Squats
3 Toes to bar
10 Wall balls
6 Front Squats
6 Toes to bar
10 Wall balls
9 Front Squats
9 Toes to bar
10 Wall balls
AMRAP 16min

Back Squat Option B.
Warm up
5 reps w/barbell
5 reps w/35%
5 reps w/50%
3 reps w/65%
3 reps w/65%
3 reps w/65%

Back Squat
4×5 @75%

Happy Squatting.

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