GMSP Cycle 1 Day 3

First week is down plenty more to go. Mondays are usually heavy. The first few weeks, the weight can feel like a ton. But great thing is you won’t have to squat so much. Yes its heavy but the goal is to spend time pushing heavy weight. Getting comfortable with the weights and learning to push hard for the reps. At the same time, Its the most fun. By week 4, I tend to find myself looking for the heavy days. I think of it this way..On heavy days, lift like you are going to 1RM each rep. On light days, I try to squat as fast as possible so i can get them done. On the front squat days, I think about what it would be like to clean the weight and how quickly i would need to get out of the squat (or thruster)…..
Rest is crucial in between sets. Don’t rest too long or you might get cold and don’t jump too quickly into the next set because you might not have recovered enough. Remember, Weight in heels, Knees out, and drive, drive, drive. HAPPY SQUATTING!

Back Squat
5reps w/ barbell
5reps w/ (keep it light)
2reps w/50%
2reps w/60%
2reps w/75%
1rep w/80%
1rep w/85%
Back Squat
5×2 @87-90% of 1RM

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