GMSP Cycle 1 Day 20

So we’ve reached the end of the final week of the program. Hopefully you all had some fun with this Cycle I made. Hopefully some of the weight in the workouts are starting to feel lighter. With that being said Im going to be doing some tutorial stuff also to help you guys be more efficient in these workouts. Like How many of us still have trouble doing double unders? Its okay the THE GMDUP (working title) will get you there. Or even more fun how about some online Oly drills and techniques for which you guys can learn from….THE GM-OLY will get you there as well! (working title also) So be on the look out from some cool stuff in the future and as always. HAPPY SQUATTING

warm up
10reps w/empty barbell
3 reps w/30%
3 reps w/50%
3 reps w/65%
2 reps w/75%
2 reps w/80%
5×5 w (YOUR 5 REP MAX) here’s the part where you surprise yourself.

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