GMSP Cycle 1 Day 16


GMSP Cycle 1 Day 16

Fast Food…..not what you think it means. As most of you know I’m bartender. So, for 3 days out of the week my days consist of Coaching in the morning then serving drinks in the evening. How on earth do I find time to eat healthy foods? Well, I kind of do and don’t. Instead of focusing on the “healthy foods” that I should be eating. I play the calories game. Example. Mornings would start off with a Mass gainer shake. 3 scoops will put me at 600calories easy. I would go coach for the first 2hrs. Then, find breakfast. 4 eggs 4 strips of bacon some oats and fruit would put me around 1025calories. Yes, My Breakfasts are big. but like I said before, not much time to eat. Would coach again till noon. After which is my workout time. I wouldn’t burn much. Days like this are already time consuming and I don’t want to exhaust myself for the long hours ahead of me. A protein shake with creatine and fruit Im at 500calories. Head to work where I would try to sneak in a sandwich with some fries when we are slow. Plus lost of water. Puts me at about 900calories. (burger wraps when things aren’t slow 1000calories). By the time its all over its 12am. I head home for leftovers or come cereal with fruit. That would put me around 700calories (Im a 2 bowl guy). Leaving me with a total of 3,735 calories consumed close to my goal of 4000calories a day. Obviously the other days aren’t so stressful and I would meet my goal every time. But just some food for thought (PUNNNNN). Even when my days are very time consuming I try my very best to meet a goal.

warm up
5 reps w/barbell
5 reps w/30%
5 reps w/50%
3 reps w/75%
2 reps w/80%
Front Squat
2×6 @ 80%
2×6 @ 85%

(these are heavy! make sure you are driving elbows up to maintain balance)

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