GMSP Cycle 1 Day 12


GMSP Cycle 1 Day 12

Hey Folks! Hope Everyone had a wonderful Fathers Day. Got my Pops 6 pairs of socks. I also have 6 new pairs of socks. 3 of which you will see me working out in very Very soon. I haven’t had time to write this blog post today but Wednesday I will pick right back up on some brand new topics. Until then Happy Squatting and Happy Fathers Day!

warm up
10 reps w/barbell
5 reps w/ 30%
5 reps w/ 40%
2 reps w/ 65%
2 reps w/ 75%
1 rep w/ 80%
1 rep w/ 85%
3×3 @85%
3×3 @90%

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