GMSP Cycle 1 Day 11


GMSP Cycle 1 Day 11

We’ve Reached the half way mark of the program. Hope all are starting to feel a little more confident squatting with the loads. How many of us have set a goal when they walked into the gym? I remember my first first goal. At the time, It was to clean 225 and 5 muscle ups. It felt like forever trying to cross those off the list. But I kept practicing and pushing my self because I knew it would make me better. Two years and a half later I can now clean 290 and String together 12 muscle ups. My advice to you is this. Set yourself some goals! Have a long term goal but do not focus on it. Work your way to a long term goal with single short term goals. For Example, For me to get a muscle up, I told my self the goal was to do 15 unbroken ring dips, then it was to do 5 strict chest to bar pullups unbroken. surprisingly the pull ups were the hardest part. Then it was to do a bar muscle up, from there it was 1 ring muscle up, then two, then three, and so forth and so on. Eventually I ended up doing 5 unbroken muscle ups. It was a bunch of short term goals that lead to the long term goal. It may seem like I move very well, but in fact there are still many things I need work on. My next Long term Goal is a sub 3min Fran. How does that work? Right now my short term goal for that is 30 days of clean eating lol…..Doesn’t make sense? Its all about nutrition first. But I’ll talk about that another time.

Back Squat
warm up
5 reps w/barbell
5 reps w/30%
5 reps w/50%
3 reps w/50%
3 reps w/65%
2 reps w/75%
Back Squat
3×5 @ 75%

Happy Squatting 🙂

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