CrossFit Endurance


CrossFit Endurance

Do you have your eye on an upcoming race? Are you looking for an alternative to the same-old routine, spending hours a week pounding the pavement? Do you want to become stronger, faster and more efficient?

Crescent City CrossFit Endurance is a program designed to improve the performance of endurance athletes. It stands in stark contrast to the long slow distance (LSD) training in that emphasis is placed on technique and skill first, instead of the traditional thought that volume is of utmost importance. CrossFit Endurace “demands attention at the technique level, then tests the technique under stress (intensity), then develops increased stamina through technique executed under stress with more weight,” either with increased volume or an increased length of time (CFE).

With our program, you will see results. Whether you’re a novice preparing for your first race or a seasoned veteran with dozens of races under your belt already, we will improve your stamina, and you will become faster.

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