Battling Back!

Get it, Jordan!

Get it, Jordan!


The American Open was this past weekend. It’s the biggest Olympic weightlifting competition in the United States. Almost five hundred of the best lifters in the country traveled to Dallas to rock and roll.

One of my athletes had a challenging day on the platform. In the snatch, she made her opener of 64 kilos (140 lbs) and then missed her next two attempts. Her best official snatch is 70 kilos (154 lbs), so that means she went to the biggest meet of her life and lifted 14 lbs below her PR. That’s not a result that makes anybody happy, brothers and sisters.

So, how did she respond after that? She came back in the clean and jerk and went three-for-three, finishing with a huge new personal record of 89 kilos (196 lbs) on her third attempt. And she did this despite the fact that the competition platform broke during her session, and she had to wait around twenty minutes between her first and second attempts while they repaired it.

I love this performance. You know why? It’s because she got kicked in the face during the snatches, and then she battled back in the C&J to nail her biggest competition weight ever. That’s what this post is about…battling back.

This is a sport for fighters. Continued…