What to Expect

Every CrossFit gym or “box” is a little different, but what you can expect is generally along the same lines: expect to be challenged, encouraged and expect the unexpected. CrossFit training is constantly varied, so you may not repeat a specific WOD (workout of the day) for months at a time.

WODs vary in duration and in composition, but each class begins with a dynamic warm-up and a review of all movements that are found within that day’s workout, as proper technique ensures safety. Because CrossFit is universally scaleable, one of our certified trainers will assess whether a movement or weight needs to be scaled to your current fitness level before the WOD begins.

Our training is in a class setting and everyone does the same WOD at the same time. Most WODs are timed, and your reps, weights and times are recorded so you can track your progress along the way as you get stronger and faster. Each WOD is run by a CrossFit Certified coach who leads the warm-up, demonstrates skills, monitors the workout and is available to answer any questions and suggest changes if necessary during the WOD.



What to bring

A good start is a water bottle, comfortable clothes and/or athletic shoes. A good attitude and willingness to push yourself. In the end, it’s just you versus you – the WOD will challenge you, empower you and possibly humble you, but no matter what, we have fun in the process.

Looking for a sample of what movements to expect at a typical CrossFit WOD? Click here for a listing of video links. One of the most valuable tools available to CrossFitters around the world is the shared knowledge that can be accessed on the CrossFit Discussion Board. A quick search for “what to expect” yields plenty of responses, such as user Tom Reyes:

“You’ll look at the length of the workout and think that it’ll never work, it’s too short, there’s some strange movements here, and that an air squat is no big deal. Then you should be shown how to properly execute the moves. You should be scaled until those moves are pretty easy for about 3-5 reps. Then you’ll hear those words you’ll learn to love to hate…..”3…2…1….GO!!” You’ll work balls to the wall for about 8-20 minutes depending on the workout. You’ll be amazingly humbled by an air squat or a 200 meter run. After you finish and catch your breath, you’ll stretch, talk about what a great time you had. You’ll watch your name and score go on the whiteboard. You’ll go home, drink lots of water, then drink more water, and then feel sore the next day. You’ll look online to schedule your next workout……..repeat 3-4x a week.”

Meet Our Coaches

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